Israel left Egypt, after so many years of slavery, abuse and oppression, with a promise from God to enter a place of rest, prosperity and joy. Along the way, they were presented with a choice before God opened the Red Sea: Choose God or go back to the old life they once had.

As they crossed the Red Sea, they saw the defeat of their enemies. It was God's plan all along to show them how much He cared for them. However, they misunderstood that the "Promised Land" was more than a physical place, but a place where they could have a close relationship with Him. In His presence was everything they ever wanted and needed.

Today, God wants you to enter into a relationship with Him, and enjoy the benefits of being in His presence. Go and meet with God just like Moses did at the top of the mountain.

We'll see you in CAP 2023.

ОСТ. 5-7